Causes of Sensitive Skin

From a medical point of view, sensitive skin is caused by:
-Damage to skin cells
-Reduced skin immunity
-Thinning of the stratum corneum

These three conditions cause the skin’s barrier function too weak to resist external stimuli, resulting in various symptoms such as redness, dry skin, itchiness, and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Sensitive skin can be divided into two separate categories: hereditary or acquired. In terms of acquiring sensitive skin, it is caused by the environment, stress, or external causes.

Contaminants in the air contain substances emitted by plants, animals, or chemicals. These substances can cause potential harm to our skin and can induce immune responses in the skin and cause reactions. For example, common seasonal dermatitis is induced by skin contact with dust and pollen, causing the blocking of pores, and thus reduces skin health. 

Stress can be a significant factor in causing sensitive skin. This is due to the result of physical or mental stress that makes the body tired and a weak immune system, which makes it harder for the body to fight against irritable substances.

External Causes
While more and more people are concerned about skin care, many people do not understand the correct method of skin care. The general attitude of purchasing skin care products seems to be that high price means high quality, but price is not always a good proxy for quality. As an analogy, if you are experiencing issues with dry skin, and you listened to a friend’s suggestion to buy a very expensive skin care product for oily skin, no matter how you use it, the product will fail to fix your dry skin issue. Moreover, choosing a skin care product that is not suitable for your skin can easily cause certain irritation and damage to your skin, which can lead to the development of sensitive skin. After selecting the right skin care products, what we need to do is stick with it and use it properly. If we are excessively using skin care products, such as over-cleansing, excessive application of facial masks, excessive use of toners and lotions, etc., these excessive skin care actions will destroy our skin barrier by being over-cleaned and thinning our stratum corneum. The skin barrier will be damaged, and our skin becomes fragile and susceptible to irritation.