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The importance of natural skin care products


Nowadays, everything seems to include additives, preservatives, artificial colours, and artificial flavours. It is becoming harder and harder to find good, natural products. Skin care products are no exception. In fact, most skin care products add ingredients such as alcohol, artificial flavors, pigments, and petrochemicals that can damage your skin. The skin barrier is impaired by these chemical ingredients contained in many skin care products. Often, sensitive skin is formed due to excessive use of skin care products containing these volatile ingredients. Not to mention the side effects of sensitive skin, where skin often becomes red, dry, itchy, and more. Natural skin care products contain organic plant extracts, which is rich in iron, vitamins and other nutrients, and does not contain any alcohol, artificial flavors, pigments and petrochemical ingredients which will affect your skin negatively. It also improves the skin’s immunity from vitamins and minerals. The improvement of skin immunity is a process of enhancing the skin barrier for healthy skin. The enhancement of the skin barrier will improve the ability to resist external stimuli and retain water, resulting in healthy, glistening skin. For sensitive skin, the skin barrier may be damaged, but by improving the skin barrier, the side effects of sensitive skin will disappear. Pure, natural skin care products can improve anyone’s skin health and looks.